About Fezilla

Our studio gallery at 114 Greville Street Prahran features a downstairs exhibition and gallery space created for local artists to gain exposure and gallery experience. Our artists provide limited edition prints and originals for sale.

Upstairs is our Studio. Run by Luke ‘Fezilla’ Fehring we offer courses and tuition in digital art and illustration in a fully equipped community atmosphere.

We also offer Commissions (POA), artwork related products such as collectable figures, illustration and digital artbooks, DVD’s, gift vouchers, Copic products, framing services and hiring of our facilities.

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News and Events

Progress is slowly being made on the improvements to our course structure. Hard work and still a lot left to do but I'm starting to see how it's all going to come together. We are, of course, still doing our private tuition classes!

Feel free to contact us about getting involved! More as it develops.

- Luke.

Latest Videos

Coming soon! For now, check out my friend Hieu's rad watercolour tutorials!

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