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The Studio

Our upstairs Studio is a collaborative learning environment. Run by Luke 'Fezilla' Fehring we offer a course in digital art and illustration for kids 10+ and teens 13+ in a fully equipped community atmosphere.

Our Studio is fully fitted out with a suite of Apple iMac computers running the latest digital art software from Adobe.
We teach the utilisation of Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets to draw and help realise your creative vision. Our studio has
a large collection of artistic resources like magazines, comics, art books, statues and figures.

We also have a wide range of traditional artistic tools like Copic markers, inking tools, pencils and more.

At Fezilla we are striving to create a social, innovative, creative and fun studio environment that we'd love for you to be a part of.

Our courses - Term 2 Fully Booked.

At Fezilla we provide a course in digital art and illustration. It covers the fundamentals of art, introduces the student to
the tools of digital art such as Adobe Photoshop and graphics tablets. We provide students with the opportunity to explore their
creativity in a fun, friendly and social environment.

Hours of Operation

Monday: Closed


Teens Course Time slot - 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM


Studio Closed


Teens Course Time slot - 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM


Studio Closed


Kids and Teens Day:

Kids Course Time Slot 10 PM - 12 PM

Kids Course Time Slot 1 PM - 3 PM

Teens Course Time slot 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Sunday: Closed



Students attending the studio are required to adhere to these conditions.

- Students are required to maintain a quiet learning environment
- Students are required to focus, stay on task and avoid needlessly distracting other students
- Students are to limit browsing the net to their allotted break time between the first and second hours of the class (students are offered a 10 minute break.)

We use the net in order to search for reference material to support our drawings. Outside of the allotted break time things like flash games, YouTube and other similar websites are not to be visited unless specifically given permission.

- If students have no current task, they can have free time to draw either digitally or traditonally. Students are not to waste time on the internet, or their phone, they can do this at home.
- Students are required to respect staff, and respect the equipment in the studio.
- Students who are in repeated violation of these rules will be sent downstairs, their parents will be notified and will only be permitted to return upstairs until Luke see's fit to offer the opportunity.

If students are not adhering to these standards, parents will be notified. If student behaviour does not improve after this step has been taken, we reserve the right to refund remaining tuition fees to the parents and amicably part ways.