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Our course: Term 1 2019 January 29th - April 5th

So what is our course about? Our course is about providing essential knowledge of art and illustration. Primarily in the
digital medium using Photoshop CC and Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets.

Currently Studio Fezilla is catering primarily to kids 10 and up, and teenagers. Our course covers the essentials that
a beginner needs, in order to better understand art and illustration. We cover improving drawing techniques,
improving line art, traditional tools practice, inking practice, lessons in important art theory and more.

Course Details - Kids and Teens

Our course follows the Victorian school term system.

2019 Term Timetable:

Term 1 - 29th January - 5th April 2019
Term 2 - 23rd April - 28th June 2019
Term 3 - 15th July - 20th September 2019
Term 4 - 7th October 20th December 2019

10 Week Course Fees: $500, all tools, software and hardware provided.

Our course is comprised of 10 two hour workshops. Students are required to elect a suitable time slot that they
would like to join.

Note: During the year, some school terms are shorter or longer than 10 weeks. This does not alter the course

Course Payment Options:

Full fee: An upfront $500 payment of the full fee at the beginning of the term. We are unable to refund students for classes they miss under the full fee payment option.      

Installment: An installment of $250 at the beginning of a term, and a further $250 at the halfway point (Week 5.)We are unable to refund students for classes they miss under the installment payment option.

Week-by-week: Some parents prefer this method for it's flexibility. Students simply pay $55 for the 2 hour weekly classthey attend. This way a student only pays for classes they attend. Some parents prefer this for their child as they maymiss several weeks leaving on a holiday, or may often have other commitments to attend to (sport, social commitments ect.)

Have you got a child that loves to draw, and would like to be part of a group social environment of other kids who share their passion and enthusiasm? Please feel free to head over to out contact page to get in touch.

Term 1 2019 Class Topics & Term Project

Term 1 2019 Project Topic - Character Redesign

Every term the studio has a new project topic. This terms project topic is Character Redesign. The idea behind this topic is for students to select a character of their choosing and redesign thecharacter in a new and different way. An example of this could be taking a fantasy character and redesigning them for a sci-fi setting.

I partake in the project myself in order to help and better guide my students in their methods and decision making. Our classes are conducted in two halves. The first hour is focused on the topic of the week (listed below.) The second hour of class is focused on the terms project (mentioned above.)

Our classes are conducted in two halves. The first hour is focused on the topic of the week (listed below.) The second hour of class is focused on the terms project (mentioned above.)

*Term Topics

Week 1 - Shape Breakdowns: Week 1 is often focused on a topic that goes back to practicing basic fundamentals. This weeks class is focused on breaking down characters and or objects into their basic fundamental shapes. We do this in order to provide students with a method of sketching and building a character from scratch, using proper technique.

Week 2 - A focus on hair: This week we  will focus on bettering students hair drawing technique. Student will be provided
a template to experiment on and develop different hair styles.

Week 3 - A focus on clothing: This week students will be shown how to avoid some of the difficulties artists face when illustrating clothes. We will be studying methods on how to simplify drawing clothes.

Week 4 - Colour Theory: Every year I like to recap on important art theory knowledge. We will be covering colour theory this week. Colour theory concerns the intelligent selection of colour in art.

Week 5 - 1 Point Perspective: This weeks topic will be 1 point perspective drawing. Students will learn how to create horizon lines and vanishing points in order to develop simple geometric forms.

Week 6 - 2 Point Perspective: Following up from the previous weeks focus on 1 point perspective, this week builds upon that new knowledge in order to create 2 point perspective. Students will be creating geometric forms utilizing more than one vanishing point.

Week 7 - Drawpile: To give students a break from theory and technique classes, we all get together on an app called Drawpile. Drawpile is a multi-user digital art program, where all students in the class can get together to either create some collaborative art as a team, or do their own thing.

Week 8 - Object Manipulation: Students are provided with a reference library of photographs of common objects. Their task for this week will be to attempt to use their imaginations to manipulate these objects into something else.

For example: Taking a photograph of a stapler, and making use of Photoshop to draw over and manipulate the stapler into
a spaceship.

Week 9 - Timed Drawings: This week, students are challenged to draw as much as they can of a reference of their choosing.
Time limits will be set at 10 minutes, 8 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, and 30 second timers. This is intended to show students just how much they can draw in a short time.

Week 10 - Illustrate Generate: This week we make use of our random topic generator to provide drawing prompts to our students.This class is intended to get students out of their comfort zone a little and get them drawing things they would normally not tackle.

*While this is the current plan for how classes will proceed for Term 1 of 2019, it is subject to change. Occasionally I am asked by students from across my classes about certain specific subject matter they would like to focus on in a class. If I deem the topic suitable and beneficial I may choose to swap out one of my class topics for a topic that has been requested.

I favour adaptability in the way I operate my classes. If I find the classes I have set for a term are not engaging students in a satisfactory way, I will make the effort to adjust the terms direction. If I make a decision like this it's made in order to better serve my students and to provide a more engaging experience for them.

Cheers, we're looking forward to a fun and productive term.

- Luke
Director/Head Tutor and Founder of Fezilla Studio Gallery

Studio Hours of Operation


Tuesday: Teens Course Time slot - 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Wednesday: Studio Closed

Thursday: Teens Course Time slot - 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Friday: Studio Closed

Saturday: Kids and Teens Day (Multiple Classes)

Kids Course Time slot: 10 PM - 12 PM

Kids Course Time slot: 1 PM - 3 PM

Teens Course Time slot 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM