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Our course: Term 2 has commenced as of April 16th 2018!

So what is our course about? Our course is about providing essential knowledge of art and illustration. Primarily in the
digital medium using Photoshop CC and Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets.

Currently Studio Fezilla is catering primarily to kids 10 and up, and teenagers. Our course covers the essentials that
a beginner needs, in order to better understand art and illustration. We cover improving drawing techniques,
improving line art, traditional tools practice, inking practice, lessons in important art theory and more.

Course Details - Kids and Teens

Our course follows the Victorian school term system.

Term Timetable:

Term 1: February 6th - 14th of April

Term 2: 16th of April - 29th of June

Term 3: 16th of July - 21st of September

Term 4: 8th of October - 21st of December

10 Week Course Fees: $500, all tools, software and hardware provided.

Our course is comprised of 10 two hour workshops. Students are required to elect a suitable time slot that they
would like to join.

Note: During the year, some school terms are shorter or longer than 10 weeks. This does not alter the course

Private Tuition Details - Open to Adult Students, Kids and Teens.

Private tuition is conducted between 11 AM and 4 PM during the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and

Private one on one tuition is $45 p/h. Students may elect to do a one, one and a half hour, or two hour session.

Private tuition is required to fit in around our course time slots. If there is not a course time slot being utilised on
certain evenings we will use the free space for private tuition instead. However if a course applicant requires the
spot the private tuition student will need to be rescheduled.

Private tuition tends to appeal to adult students who may struggle to make it to a regularly scheduled workshop
each week.

Course Payment Options:

Full fee: An upfront $500 payment of the full fee at the beginning of the term. We are unable to refund students for
classes they miss under the full fee payment option.
Installment: An installment of $250 at the beginning of a term, and a further $250 at the halfway point (Week 5.)
We are unable to refund students for classes they miss under the installment payment option.
Week-by-week: Some parents prefer this method for it's flexibility. Students simply pay $50 for the 2 hour weekly class
they attend. This way a student only pays for classes they attend. Some parents prefer this for their child as they may
miss several weeks leaving on a holiday, or may often have other commitments to attend to (sport, social commitments ect.)

Course News and Updates

Studio Fezilla is now refocusing towards younger students 10 and up, and teenagers.

Have you got a child that loves to draw, and would like to be part of a group social environment of other kids who share
their passion and enthusiasm? Please feel free to head over to out contact page to get in touch.

Adults are certainly still being catered to here at Fezilla. Adults are now required to schedule a one-to-one private
session with the studio between 11 AM and 4 PM on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Studio Hours of Operation


Tuesday: One to One Private Tuition 11 AM - 4 PM / Course Time slot - 4 PM - 6 PM

Wednesday: One to One Private Tuition 11 AM - 4 PM

Thursday: One to One Private Tuition 11 AM - 4 PM / Course Time slot - 4 PM - 6 PM

Friday: One to One Private Tuition 11 AM - 4 PM / Course Time slot - 4 PM - 6 PM

Saturday: Kids and Teens Day: Kids Course Time slot: 1 PM - 3 PM - Teens Course Time slot 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM