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Our course: Information, Payment and Terms and Conditions

At Fezilla, we provide a course in digital art and illustration. It covers the fundamentals of art, introduces the student to the tools of digital art such as Adobe Photoshop and graphics tablets. We provide students with the opportunity to explore their creativity in a fun, friendly and social environment.

Our studio follows the Victorian school systems schedule. Each term at Fezilla is 10 weeks regardless of a longer or shorter school term.

New students are provided with a handy starter kit. Our starter kit provides students with useful art tools and a USB drive to transport their digital files home with them.

Information on our fees structure:

We offer three distinct payment options for our terms.

Option 1: Week-by-week. $55 per week per class attended. This is our most popular option due to its flexibility. Students are only required to pay for classes they are able to attend.
If there happens to be a week where a student cannot attend while utilizing this payment method, there is no monetary loss to the parent.

Option 2: Half-and-half. $250 paid at the beginning of a new term, and the remaining $250 is paid at the halfway point of the term (week 5/6.)

Option 3: Full fee. A $500 upfront fee at the start of the term.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at Fezilla Studio Gallery

At the end of every term we send out information to parents and contact them regarding their child's re enrolment for the upcoming term. The cut off date is at the beginning of the new term. If we do not receive a confirmation in time the student will not retain their spot and we open the spot for students on our growing wait list.

School Holiday Programs

We are often asked about school holiday programs. We do not offer a school holiday program. As Luke is the only tutor at Fezilla, we take this time to have a break.

Studio Terms of Enrolment

Absentee Policy:
Concerning students paying our Full Fee or Half-and-Half fee payment option: These students are not eligible for refunds for classes they are unable to attend. This policy does not apply if Fezilla cannot provide classes due to staff illness or other possible disruptions.

Cancellation Policy: Concerning students paying our Full Fee or Half-and-Half fee payment option: If a student cancels their attendance to a term please understand that Fezilla Studio Gallery cannot reimburse you.

Does your child have any of the following conditions:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Fezilla Studio Gallery is not equipped to cater to individuals on the low functioning spectrum.)
Food Allergies
Any serious illnesses such as Diabetes or Asthma

At Fezilla we understand that these issues can be difficult to discuss, however we believe openness is the best policy.
We have a Duty of Care within the premises of Fezilla Studio Gallery and would appreciate a full understanding of
student needs in order to best provide for their care.

Code of Conduct

Students attending the studio are required to adhere to these following conditions.

- Students are required to maintain a quiet and productive learning environment. Chatter and banter are fine, just so long as it is not overly distracting from the tasks at hand.

- Students are required to focus, stay on task and avoid distracting other students.

- If students are up to date with their task they can have free time to draw either traditionally or digitally. Students must not spend time on the internet or their phone during class time, this can be done during their allotted ten minute break.

The studio utilizes the internet in order to search for reference material to support our drawings. During the classes allotted break time students are permitted to visit websites such as YouTube, flash game websites and other similar websites. The ten minute break is between the first and second hours of class to give students the option to have a supervised break browsing the internet. Students are only permitted to visit these websites during class time if they have expressed permission from the classes tutor.

- Students are required to respect staff, equipment and property in the studio.

- No studio property is permitted to leave the studio unless given expressed permission by Luke.

Cancellation of Enrolment Policy (See Code of Conduct Section Above)

- Students who are in repeated violation of the above rules will have a Code of Conduct discussion with Luke. If behaviour does not markedly improve after this discussion, a parent or guardian will be notified about their child's behaviour, with the expectation that the student’s behaviour will improve.

Concerning students paying our Full Fee or Half-and-Half fee payment option: If these steps have been taken and the students behavior still does not improve to an acceptable standard, Fezilla reserves the right to refund the remaining tuition fees to the student’s parent or guardian and remove the student from enrolment. Fezilla reserves the right to remove any student who is deemed to be behaving dangerously, or anti-socially towards any staff or students. These rules are in place to create a healthy, safe and productive learning environment.

Sick Policy

Students are requested not to attend class if they feel sick, are sick, or are recovering from an illness. As Fezilla is a sole trading business, there is no staff that can be utilized to cover for Luke if he becomes ill. This can lead to class cancellations and falling behind on workload to the detriment of classes as a whole.

Concerning parents or guardians utilizing the Full Fee or Half-and-Half fee tuition payment options: Refunds will not be given to parents or guardians of students who are unable to attend class due to illness under these payment plans. Refunds will be provided under these payment plans if Fezilla is unable to offer classes due to Luke being ill or otherwise indisposed.

Re-enrolment Policy

At the end of each term, during the school holiday break, Fezilla will make contact with parents or guardians of all currently enrolled students to ascertain which students will be returning for the upcoming term (re-enrolment). Fezilla requires parents or guardians to reply no later than the end of the school holidays. This gives parents or guardians two weeks notice to get in touch with Fezilla to confirm their child's enrolment for the upcoming term.

However if Fezilla has made several attempts to make contact with a parent or guardian to ascertain these details to no avail - the student will lose their place in their class. Fezilla will notify the parent or guardian of this. Please understand we have a wait list of prospective students interested in getting on board with the studio.

Term 4 2019 Class Topics* & Term Project

Week 1

Teens: Randomized Timed Drawings
Kids: Illustrate Generate

Week 2

Teens: 2 Things to think about when creating your comic book cover: Referencing and Conveying a Story
Kids: 2 Things to think about when creating your comic book cover: Referencing and Conveying a Story

Week 3

Teens: Project Focus 1
Kids: Project Focus 1

Week 4

Teens: How to make a title for your comic
Kids: How to make a title for your comic

Week 5

Teens: 2 Things to think about when creating your comic book cover: Composition, Colour Theory.
Kids: 2 Things to think about when creating your comic book cover: Composition, Colour Theory.

Week 6

Teens: Project Focus 2
Kids: Project Focus 2

Week 7

Teens: Anatomy Practice 1
Kids: Style Swap

Week 8

Teens: Anatomy Practice 2
Kids: Darkside/Lightside

Week 9

Teens: Project Focus 3
Kids: Project Focus 3

Week 10

Drawpile and other fun activities.

Term Project Term 4 2019 - Comic Book Covers

Towards the end of each term at Fezilla I (Luke) begin to ask students what they would like to create for their projects in the following term. After discussing options with each class we arrived at Comic Book Covers.

Students attending the studio for Term 4 will be tasked with a creative brief to fulfil. This creative brief is based around the creation of comic book covers. Over the course of the next ten weeks, students will be tutored and guided through the process of creating their own comic book covers. Students will be provided a hand out detailing the requirements of this brief in order to help guide them towards a finished design.

The best student projects will be placed on our student work wall, highlighting their efforts.

(*Lesson plans can be subject to change as term progresses to provide more effective lessons.)

Studio Hours of Operation


Tuesday: Teens Course Time slot - 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM ages 13+

Wednesday: Studio Closed

Thursday: Teens Course Time slot - 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM ages 13+

Friday: Studio Closed

Saturday: Kids and Teens Day (Multiple Classes)

Kids Course Time slot: 10 PM - 12 PM ages 10-13

Kids Course Time slot: 1 PM - 3 PM ages 10-13

Teens Course Time slot 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM ages 13+